Why Recruiting In Partnership With HR Could Solve Your Problems?

When you have an empty desk, it is easy to focus on how that lack of productivity is affecting the bottom line and to rush to fill it, but recruiting the wrong person can have a greater negative impact on business, team cohesion and profits than leaving that seat empty a little while longer and filling it with the correct new hire.

Hiring is a long process and for an already stretched manager who is trying to cover the work of the vacant post as well as their own, it can be a very daunting prospect. From writing the job description, advertising the post, fielding enquiries from prospective candidates, reviewing CVs and applications, arranging interviews then finally selecting the preferred candidate and hoping that they will accept the offer, the whole process can take weeks, if not months, and even then there is no guarantee that your chosen hire will actually turn up.

Relieving this pressure and uncertainty is the main reason why many businesses choose to outsource their recruitment to a dedicated HR or recruitment agency. This allows them to focus on the day job, safe in the knowledge that a recruitment specialist is busy behind the scenes, exploiting their network of industry contacts and using their knowledge of the market to search out the most appropriate talent to enhance the delivery team in the shortest possible timescales.

This relationship works best when the recruiter is fully briefed on not only what the responsibilities of the successful candidate will be but how the team operates, the culture of the organisation, the flexibility allowed within the recruitment process and the offer and benefits available. Having an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the business and an attractive employee value proposition allows the recruiter to identify the most appropriate candidates for interview based on a clear view of what they need to bring to the business, rather than just what their qualifications and experience must be.

A successful recruitment agency knows the market and understands how to balance the needs of the business against those of the candidates who are looking for a move. They can act as an independent mediator, negotiating the right placement and opportunities for candidates within businesses where they can deliver true value.

Ultimately, working with a talent acquisition firm to perform your recruitment function can reduce the length of the hiring process, thus filling that empty seat more quickly with the right person for the job. It also reduces the stress on the hiring manager, allowing them to focus on delivering on core business objectives whilst avoiding burnout from working two jobs at once. It also improves the candidate experience. HR specialists provide advice and support to both hiring managers and prospective candidates at every step, providing reassurance, improving confidence and resulting in a more successful hire.

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