When Is The Right Time To Look For A New Food Manufacturing Role?

Whatever your experience and qualifications, there are exciting food sector careers and opportunities for all. If you have an interest in logistics, there are jobs available arranging contracts with producers, sourcing raw materials and developing logistics strategies to enhance brand awareness and values. If you enjoy cooking or baking, then chef and cook roles are widely available across all food businesses from boutique cafes to industrial scale food preparation. Finally, anybody with an interest in engineering or robotics is sure to enjoy being at the forefront of technological advances in food preparation, packaging and distribution.

Typically, food manufacturing roles offer a good level of skills development, coupled with attractive pay and career prospects. Ongoing training is usually available and promotion within the business is often possible. Food manufacturing roles allow individuals to enjoy working as part of a team, delivering vital produce around the country and overseas, sourcing and distributing the finest fresh produce that the UK has to offer and securing our country’s future.

If a career in food manufacturing appeals to you, you may be wondering when is the best time to seek out a new job. On a personal level, the right time to seek out a new start is when you feel you need a new challenge, you’re not being offered the career progression opportunities that you desire or you’re simply ready for a change. Perhaps the business culture no longer works for you, or you wish to relocate. Whatever the reason, looking for a new job is certainly easier at some points of the year than at others.

Many businesses like to start afresh with new budgets and more time for recruiting in January and February and whilst this means that you will face a lot of competition, there will also be a greater variety of positions to choose from. Many contracts with suppliers will be set in the new financial year, so spring can offer a good opportunity for job hunting, as businesses have a greater level of certainty in their forecasts and requirements.

Food manufacturing is a year round industry with little let-up, but as with most other industries, fewer jobs are likely to be advertised during the summer as existing staff holidays overlap, resulting in a reduced capacity for managing the workload and a limited desire to add to this burden by running a recruitment campaign at this time. Equally, recruiting managers are very aware that job hunters are less likely to be seeking new opportunities at this time, so having this fallow period works well for both businesses and candidates.

Regardless as to when you decide the time is right to progress your career into one of the many roles available in the food sector, taking the time to prepare for your job hunt is essential. This is a competitive business sector, so it is important to update your CV, tailoring it as required to highlight your suitability for individual advertised food sector roles and detailing all relevant experience that sets you apart from the crowd.

In understanding where you want your career to go, you will be able to develop a plan to achieve your dreams. If you need help in mapping out your career path, or support in updating your CV to make it more attractive to employers, Circle Select can help. We are an industry-leading recruitment agency with key contacts within this sector and can help you to develop the appropriate contacts, marketing your skills to businesses seeking new recruits just like you.

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