Top 5 CV Updates Required When Seeking A New Food Manufacturing Industry Role

The food manufacturing industry is changing at a tremendous pace as consumers continue to rein in their outgoings and margins continue to tighten at both manufacturing and retail businesses. Many food production businesses are implementing new processes and technologies in an attempt to build efficiencies into their supply chain. This represents an opportunity for job seekers.

Where supply chains consolidate at a central facility, this creates a requirement for an efficient and agile team to staff it. If you are looking to enter the food production industry, you will need to communicate a thorough understanding of the role that is being advertised as well as demonstrate that you have the skills to address the challenges that you would face if successful.

In an industry that is experiencing unprecedented flux, you must stay ahead of the curve and stand out for all the right reasons, starting with your CV. We briefly look at the five most important elements of your CV that must be kept up to date in seeking a new role within the food manufacturing industry.

1. Research the company and role.

In order to tailor your CV to appeal to the recruiter, you need to explore what the company does, who its primary customers are, and what the role for which you are applying is likely to entail. In developing a thorough understanding of your potential future employer, you will be able to showcase the specific skills they need, such as prior experience on similar projects or implementing new technologies that deliver improvements in productivity or efficiency.

2. Use appropriate keywords.

The recruiter will expect your CV to demonstrate your understanding of the job advert. Where they have used specific keywords such as continuous improvement or learning from experience, you should repeat these words within your CV project examples or job history. This will reinforce your competence in the relevant areas.

3. Qualifications and experience.

Succinctly detail the qualifications and experience that you have gained which make you a suitable candidate for the role. With manufacturing recruitment being such a competitive environment, you should highlight particular successes that you have achieved, such as implementing new strategies that have resulted in improved profitability and increased margins.

4. Personal statement.

Use your personal statement to explain how this role fits into your long-term career aspirations and how you would add value to the hiring organisation. Sharing your skills and learning new ones is a major reason for job moves. If the hiring organisation is taking on new clients, implementing new technologies or amalgamating with other companies within the industry, demonstrating an awareness as to how you could fit in and support these plans can help to accelerate your career progression plans.

5. Relate to projects.

Be specific about projects that you have worked on. Detail what your role and responsibilities entailed and, most importantly, the benefits that you delivered whilst in those roles. Where you have relevant transferable skills, explain the way in which they would benefit the hiring organisation in terms of the particular role on offer.

It is important to keep your CV up to date as the ability to mobilise rapidly to any opportunity that arises will depend on your submission of a high-quality application as soon as you identify a suitable job opportunity. Delivering a well-prepared and well-presented CV that is tailored to the role for which you are applying will increase the likelihood of success at interview, support your career aspirations and help you to secure your ideal role in the food manufacturing industry.

If writing an eye-catching CV is eluding you or you are struggling to include the detail required to stand out from the crowd, Circle Select can help. We are experts within this industry and understand the skills recruiters are looking for. We can help you to showcase our experience and develop plans for securing your long-term career aspirations.

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