Three Ways To Showcase Your Brand And Attract Better Talent

When it comes to successful recruitment, there’s one thing that it always pays to remember, regardless as to the current state of the job market. This essential factor is that recruitment is a two way street, especially if you hope to secure the best possible talent for your business. Of course, as the employer, you will have a good deal of control and choice over who you ultimately bring on board, but don’t forget that this selection can only be made from the pool of applicants available to you. Therefore, you need to prioritise making your brand as attractive as possible to the best and brightest candidates out there.

Enhance Your Reputation

It doesn’t matter in which industry or sector you’re operating, the best candidates want to feel confident that a move to your brand will be a positive step for their career. This means that you need to have sound brand awareness, continually aiming to improve the number of talented people who see your enterprise as a great strategic move. There are plenty of ways in which you can increase awareness of your brand, thanks to social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Use these public-facing accounts to highlight your company’s values and ethos, as well as key successes that make you stand apart from your competition. Don’t forget the value of posting plenty of shareable content, too, which will deliver further brand reach and awareness.

Provide A Bright Future

Once you have those high calibre professionals in your team, it’s essential to keep them working to build your brand over the long term. This means that as well as being a great way to encourage talented candidates to apply, offering opportunities for training and development will also serve you well in the context of staff retention. Be upfront about the kind of career development that you can offer, both in job adverts and social media content, and highlight success stories of team members from within your organisation. This will demonstrate that your brand is committed to investing in its workforce, and supporting them to succeed in their personal career objectives. If you have people that have risen through the ranks of your organisation, encourage them to reach out to their professional network as ambassadors, providing a first-hand endorsement of your commitment to professional development.

Emphasise The Positive

Even the most career-focused professionals want to know that their day to day working life will be enjoyable, so be sure to emphasise the positive aspects of your corporate culture. This can include anything from holistic support for employees that enables them to enjoy a healthier work-life balance, to taking part in a carbon off-setting scheme or implementing a paperless office. Working for an organisation that can deliver flexible working patterns, and support diversity and sustainability with real action and initiatives, is increasingly important for younger talent if you want them to apply for a role, so don’t overlook the benefits of nurturing and emphasising these aspects of your brand. Whether you offer a cycle to work scheme, a mentoring programme for employees from under-represented groups, or run regular office rewards and perks, include this information in your recruitment information and on your socials.

Get Results With An Expert in Talent Attraction

A sure-fire way to see your business attract the right talent is to partner with an expert. Here at Circle Select, we understand the value of brand awareness and can create the ideal strategy that leverages this for manufacturing recruitment. Find out more about our range of services at, and discover the difference our expertise can make to your hiring process.