What goes into creating the world’s most expensive chocolate bars? Firstly, To’ak found the oldest and rarest variety of cacao on Earth in the Ecuadorian valley of Piedra de Plata. The old-growth cacao trees here were verified by DNA to be 100 per cent pure Nacional cacao, and, after building relationships with local growers, exclusively sourced cacao from this valley ever since. Their chocolate is about as far from a bar of Dairy Milk as you’ll find, with exotic recipes designed to be treated more like a fine wine than a snack. Shown here is a blend aged for three years in a single-malt whisky cask from the famed Laphroaig distillery in Islay. It contains 73 per cent cacao beans, cane sugar, and has a lightly peated nose and unexpected finish.

Price: £163 in Harrods

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This is the world’s most expensive bar of chocolate

Yes, you can get a bar of chocolate or burger for less than £1. In 2017, Aldi was selling a 60p bottle of red wine. But lockdown(s) has taught us many things in the last year.

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