The move follows the companies’ engagement with As You Sow, a non-profit foundation chartered to promote corporate social responsibility, on reducing single-use plastic packaging, and is part of increased efforts to eliminate and replace single-use plastics.

Mondelez set a virgin plastic reduction target for 2025 that will result in a 5% absolute reduction in virgin plastic use in overall plastic packaging, including a 25% cut in virgin plastic in its rigid plastic packaging. These actions are expected to result in a 10,000 ton reduction of virgin plastic packaging. The targets will be achieved through elimination of plastic material, packaging redesign, increased use of recycled content in flexible and rigid plastics, and exploration of reuse models, according to the company. The company goals will reduce plastic over 2020 baseline usage amounts and will account for projected business growth.

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Mondelez and PepsiCo agree to cut virgin plastic for packaging

Snack and confectionery company Mondelez International and food and beverage giant PepsiCo have agreed to cut their use of virgin plastic for packaging after dialogue with As You Sow.

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