Yet most leaders shy away from it.

Few leaders identify who is responsible for delivering their message, and only a minority track how their team is performing as a result.

Although effective communication has been proven to produce a variety of performance benefits, many leaders still struggle to gain insight into their teams and their communication practices.

If you work at a small business, you can’t afford to find out that the rest of your employees aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. You might have to fire an employee or split up a team.

It’s the same if you’re an executive at a big company. You can’t afford to not know what’s going on at the bottom of the organisation. A focus group isn’t enough.

Some of the most successful leaders have found a way to share their message with their entire organisation and encourage their teams to become more proactive in the area of communication.

They don’t simply collect opinions from their employees, they help their employees create and refine their opinions, too.

Leaders often become siloed, disconnected from their teams, spending too much time in their offices and not enough time leading them. They often fail to keep in touch with their teams and keep them in the loop of decisions that affect them. And too many people at the top fail to acknowledge that the only way to overcome these challenges is to shift from being a leader to a co-manager.

This communication gap can cause endless challenges and is especially damaging for a company that’s trying to be more social and value-driven.

Even if they find it difficult, leaders have to ask themselves one question: Is this the right team to lead?

The fact is, there’s no point hiring a team of people who are good at their job and then treating them like cannon fodder. If you’re not an extrovert, find a friend who is. If you don’t enjoy making small talk, find someone to work with who does.

Jacob Harwood – Circle Select

Before joining the business in 2018, I worked for a further 5 years in FMCG recruitment where I was responsible for starting a number of key desks including: Executive, Interim and many more. Having worked successfully with Luke in the past, it was an obvious choice to join Circle Select – a business that couples high-energy consultants with expert recruitment and in-depth sector knowledge.

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