Almost all Food Manufacturers will have made a hiring mistake at one point or another. Mistakes certainly can — and do — happen, and unfortunately some mistakes can be very costly. They are perhaps even more costly when hiring for interim positions due to the short term, high returns expectations of the role and let’s face it, the costs incurred. 

A mistake in permanent recruitment can be rectified through a number of different techniques, including the provision of tailored training opportunities and potential repositioning within the company structure. Interim recruitment, however, is different, with the need for expert talent to achieve specific, time sensitive goals within a limited period, hitting the ground running without an introductory period. Mistakes in interim hiring can be costly, which is why we take a comprehensive, results-driven approach – Monitoring the return investment during and at the end of the assignment.

Here are 4 common costly mistakes many businesses make, and how Circle Select can minimise the risk: 

1. Focusing on Expertise, Not Experience

In permanent hiring, bringing on-board those with the necessary qualifications to succeed is imperative. In interim recruitment, however, education, certifications, previous job titles are of less importance than overall experience. Successful interims achieve goals and make a difference not because of what they’ve learnt, but because of where they’ve been, and how they’ve delivered results for other organisations. 

At Circle Select, we value past experience and prioritise professional background. We shortlist our candidates based on their history working within similar environments / categories / retailers and delivering top results in similar situations, ensuring your interim hire is able to identify, manage, and ultimately solve your problems!!!

2. Hiring Talent with a Plan 

It’s natural that businesses will look to hire interim talent that is able to demonstrate a solid plan of action to deliver the desired results within the limited timeframe of the proposed contract. However, this can often be detrimental to the cause. Flexibility is key in interim success, and a good interim is one that is able to adapt their approach and tailor techniques to match new business environments. It is also important that when hiring an interim, you, the company, have a desired outcome and an understanding of what a return on investment looks like!

At Circle Select, we only work with the very best in the food and drink manufacturing industry. We look for candidates that use their own tried-and-tested methods and techniques as a foundation, building upon this infrastructure to design and develop unique strategies to suit each individual challenge.

3. Overlooking Legacy 

A good interim is one that has gained experience jumping into a variety of working environments and facilitating change within a range of businesses. However, the number of previous similar positions isn’t as important a consideration as the legacy that the talent has left behind at each organisation. Was the placement successful? Were the goals achieved? Has the placement delivered long term value? Have they left their previous clients with a return on investment?

At Circle Select, we’re results-driven. We work with interim talent that is able to fully demonstrate their value to each organisation that they work with, delivering clear and professional results to take food and drink manufacturing businesses to the next level and facilitate progression of their growth journeys. This can only be done through rigorous interview techniques and taking comprehensive references from their past assignments.

4. Lacking Clarity

Many businesses will have a clear idea of what it is they want to achieve through interim placements, yet fail to take the time to determine what needs to happen in order for these goals to be met. Businesses should always take a problem/outcome approach, identifying the current issues so that they are better positioned to work alongside interim talent with realistic expectations on both sides of the equation. 

At Circle Select, we work closely with each and every one of our clients, helping to identify obstacles to growth and development and determining the most effective and efficient course of action. We’re then able to communicate this with our candidates, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

How to Avoid Hiring Mistakes:

At Circle Select, we’re committed to creating successful outcomes with every interim hire. That’s why we take a unique approach to interim recruitment. Our approach not only ensures our skilled candidates are able to take opportunities that help them to expand their career, but also minimises risk for our clients, ensuring we do everything we can to avoid the most common costly mistakes.

If you are interested in exploring the options of eliminating these 4 common mistakes, please get in touch with the relevant consultant on 01780 510 066.

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