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Think the recruitment industry could be for you? Naturally we’re biased but we think it’s the best and that our lively office is the best place to be within it. We love what we do and have a lot of fun along the way. It’s hugely satisfying despite being hard graft. Since we opened our doors in 2017, we’ve worked our metaphoricals off to get to where we are now – an ever-growing and ever-evolving recruitment business at the top of its sector.

We focus on food & drinks manufacturing recruitment, working with some of the biggest clients in the game to place both interim and permanent candidates in some of the most sought-after roles. This isnt an easy thing to do, but its something that all of our consultants are passionate about – something that each and every one of them lives and breathes to ensure that we deliver only the best for our clients, and provide only the best opportunities to our candidates. 


Executives Placed

Executives Placed

What we’re looking for

To thrive in the industry and with us, you’ll need…



As clichéd as it sounds, having a positive outlook is the number one ingredient to success in this industry.


If youre the type of person who can’t wait to get into the office to hit the phones (sack that, who’s making calls from your hands-free on the way in!), youll be great in recruitment.


When you get bad news – which is all too often in recruitment – you pick yourself up, dust yourself down, hit the phones and start making things happen. 

Are there any other stages in the process?

Finally, due diligence documents containing the certificate and Status Determina on Statement are issued to the client and contractor. The entire supply chain is then indemnified by Hiscox.

For more information on our IR35 compliance services, please contact us today.



We’re not looking for someone to be working in the office 14 hours a day. But this is business and, if matching a candidate means taking a call on your mobile at 9.30pm, that’s what you’ll need to do.

Competitive Edge

Each and every day, you want to prove you’re the best. And you won’t stop until that happens. In fact, you won’t stop even after it happens.

Now the reality check

Recruitment isnt for everyone. The industry has seen consultants come and go like a merry go round. But the good ones quickly rise to the top. It’s hard work, long hours at times (particularly during peak seasons) and can bring tons of disappointment. But the harder you work, the better the results. And the better the results, the higher the rewards. The best reward of all? The buzz of placing the right person in the right role.


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