It shouldn’t take entering a new year to spark improvement in your business, although there really is no better time to make proactive and productive changes to kick off the roaring 20’s in style.

The bottom line in business is to make profit and grow as a company, right? So why limit yourself just because a permanent option seems ‘safe’?
Re-worded, does an over-qualified expert in change management with a glowing results-based resume not sound like the safe option to guide you through that huge project or quality audit that you’ve got coming up?

This isn’t to say permanent employees aren’t a key asset to any business, after all they are the lifeblood of many companies, but given 3 to 5 months in a business, an Interim can come in with a fresh and informed opinion, with years of industry experience to back it up, and fulfill the project that they were brought in to do without the obligation to provide any further work!

Bringing in an interim will replace sentiment with cold hard results. That’s not to say that the executive will be a robot, much to the contrary, but their main aim is to come into your organisation on a short term contract to create immediate and impactful change.

So here’s our top 5 reasons why you should consider making hiring an Interim your New Year’s Resolution…

Expertise and Skill Set

You want the very best, and a skilled Interim Executive or Manager can be just that.
These are absolute experts in their fields, often even overqualified individuals that have worked in roles across various companies. With this extensive industry knowledge, these are change managers that look to propel the business forward over a short period of time, working efficiently and effectively using their combined experiences to add value to the organisation, bringing a fresh and informed perspective to the operation.


Generally Interims will be experts in separating themselves from company politics and relationships. Especially with the latest IR35 legislation proposal, it is important that Interims present themselves as a representative of their own company. This means that they are impartial in the business, only implementing strategic changes in line with the role outlined in their contract. This also means that the Interim will be noticeably differentiated from the company’s employees, they will not attend social events with the business, they would also not have the same ‘employee benefits’ such as holiday, sick pay and a company pension.
You will always get the best out of Interims because they are representing their own brand, and they know more than anyone that only good brands get work!


We don’t deal in bad Interims. We fully vet and interview our candidates prior to putting them forward for any roles, this is why we know that our Executives and Managers can get the job done – you will only be offered the best. Our Interims are results and finance focused professionals, whether they are looking to save a business money, increase profits, or deliver projects, Interims will have the skills to deliver on pre-planned targets. They also have the ability to access a skillset that may otherwise be lacking within a business.

Value for Money

Interims provide incredible value for money.
A strong Interim will know their own value, and will be able to back this up from previous experience.
Because Interims will generally be self-employed, they understand how a business should be run, and have a greater awareness that the ROI they provide, both for the project and themselves, must be solid as this will be the key to their future placements and their overall professional reputation. Furthermore, as mentioned in reference to IR35, they won’t cost your business the usual employee benefits and accompanying costs, which can be a huge additional amount over time. Therefore, you will be paying purely for the knowledge and skills that you are looking to take on as opposed to the fringe benefits on top.

Flexibility and Speed

After immediate impact? Look no further. Interims can be parachuted into a company at extremely short notice, often for set-term project work or when urgently required to help a business. As an alternative to permanent workers, Interims can be brought in at short notice, with no notice period prior to starting work. Why are we so certain in the speed of impact for Interims? It’s what they do. These guys are experienced in joining companies for short periods of time and hitting the ground running, fully immersing themselves in the role and the business to understand the needs and goals that need to be achieved. Other than a sterling record of results, flexibility is a key reason for taking on an Interim. The pace that an Interim can be introduced and the fact that the majority are happy to have expensed travel means that you really can pick the best person available for the role.

All of these, amongst many others, are stellar reasons why Interims are a valuable asset to any Food and Drink Manufacturing business for 2020 and beyond.

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