Impact of Using Multiple Recruitment Agencies to Fill Your Roles

On the surface, using multiple recruiters seems like a no-brainer. You simply need to appoint a number of recruiters to send you candidates and help fill positions that you may be in need of filling. It makes sense right?

Wrong… there are many hidden risks and limitations when utilising multiple agencies. Every job is different. There’s no formula to hiring the right talent. The most challenging part of hiring is selecting the right candidates that fit into your company culture. When multiple recruitment agencies are brought on board to assist, the company loses a lot of time and the right talent is passed over due to lack of transparency. Every job has a right fit, so having a closed loop recruiting model is key to finding the right talent.When recruiting, it’s not about hiring the cheapest or one of the cheapest recruiters. Rather, it’s about getting the best recruiter that can help you best hire the right person for the job at the right time and place. It takes a recruitment partner who understands your business’s requirements AND your target market of candidates AND your competitors.

A closed-loop recruiting model refers to using the same recruitment agency for all candidates. It creates consistency, ensuring that talent is meeting the company’s hiring criteria. One of the primary benefits of having the same recruitment agency is knowing the right candidates will be applying to your job openings and will have the right attitude to achieve the company’s core mission.In most cases, hiring the right candidates is time-consuming and frustrating.

That’s why it is recommended to use a closed-loop recruiting model to ensure the right candidate matches the company’s vision, mission, and culture. A major concern when using multiple agencies is having the same candidate being submitted 2 or 3 times, not only can that create friction between the competing agencies. It can also make the candidate feel uncomfortable if they get hired, or even make the role seem undesirable if they’re being approached by multiple agencies. They may drop out the process altogether and you’re back to square one.

Here are four reasons to consider hiring a closed-loop recruiting agency to help you find and hire the right talent:

1. Continuity of Application Process

When using the same recruitment agency for each applicant, you have a better chance of matching the right candidate for the right job. With the number of applicants coming from an outside agency, it becomes easy to lose track of what the candidates are applying for. By using the same recruitment agency for each candidate, you have a centralised system where you can track their progress and manage their progress efficiently.

2. Better Customer Experience

Because the recruitment agency has a reputation for working with other companies, they are able to source a wider pool of talent with specific skill-sets that your company is looking for. Using the same recruitment agency will ensure that the right talent is being brought in quickly, which improves your candidate experience and response rate. It also reduces the chances of that your candidates will be discouraged from applying because the process feels lengthy or unknown.

3. Easy access to Talent

When recruiting multiple candidates to fill the same job, the people handling the applicants will frequently miss the applicants that did not get the job. When the same recruitment agency handles the process, you are able to stay in constant contact with each applicant, which increases the chances of those that did not get the job being offered another opportunity. It is best to provide the same recruitment agency with the job posting details and deadlines.

4. Keeping Candidate Fit

When using a closed loop hiring model, you need to make sure that you have candidates that fit into your company culture. By using the same recruitment agency, you know that the candidates have the right attitude and will accept the job requirements. You’re also able to identify potential issues before they arise.

The use of a closed loop recruiting model also improves the feedback mechanism and helps you discover any problem areas in the recruitment process, as well as an ideal candidate that can thrive at your company. These are just a few of the many benefits. Here at Circle Select we focus on supporting our customers as much as they do on us. We believe that is the only way to grow. Recruiting the talent you need is just as important as acquiring the customers you need.

Our extensive knowledge of what our customers need helps us deliver the best services possible. We listen to our customers and understand their pain points, and we work around them to help them achieve their goals.

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